Black Beauty Gurus You Should Already Be Following

Black Beauty Gurus

By Vicky Lin

The recent awakening to systemic racism has encouraged world-wide support for the Black community. From donations to protests to daily reposts on social media, everyone has come together to enact change and strive for equality.

As each inch of society introspects its levels of diversity and inclusion, the beauty industry is no different. Color division has dominated the beauty world for centuries, and companies have only recently begun to initiative all-inclusive campaigns.

While we still lack colored representatives in creative and executive positions, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have launched Black beauty influencers into the stratosphere and become activists reforming the beauty industry.

To continue your support for the Black community, check out the following 10 black beauty gurus that you should (already) be following on Instagram:

1. Jackie Aina @jackieaina

Nobody does more honest feedbacks than Aunt Jackie! Check out her YouTube here.

2. Patricia Bright @thepatriciabright

Absolute QUEEN. Check out her podcast and YouTube!

3. King Kouture @_kingkouture

KING. KOUTURE . Might we say more? Check out his YouTube here.

4. Tavaris Jefferson @varijstylez

I think we can all bow down to Tavaris' winged eye looks. Check out his YouTube here.

5. Shalom Blac @shalomblac

Shalom is an inspiration to us all — a burn survivor teaching us how to believe in ourselves and have inner confidence. Check out her YouTube here.

6. Nyma Tang @nymatang

This girl challenges the standards of beauty industry. Trust me, you won't regret knowing her. Watch her YouTube series: the Darkest Shade.

7. Kenneth Senegal @kennethsenegal

Kenneth is the definition of glowing, dewy skin. Follow him now to discover his secrets! Check out his YouTube here.

8. Ellarie @ellarie

You'll love Ellarie's short and quick videos. Did we mention her adorable daughter makes cameos? Check out her YouTube here.

9. BrownSkinDerm @BrownSkinDerm

If you're a women of color, this is your holy grail. Brown Skin Derm provides all-encompassing skin care information, product and doctor recommendation, and even teaches you the history of dermatology from a Black American perspective. Check them out and follow now!

10. Dr. Nina @BeautifulBrwnBabyDol

Psychologist, coach, professor, speaker, YouTuber. Shall we name more? Dr. Nina is your ray of sunshine, providing motivation and education for you to live your best life.

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