Dear Glow Diary: Summer 2020

Hello! This new "Dear Glow Diary" blog series will be a place where I share my skincare and entrepreneurship journey updates with y'all - all the many trials and tribulations, along with the many highlights and glow ✨ that I have experienced since starting KHOHA 💙 - Kelly

For the past year, I have been extensively researching, learning, and working with an FDA-approved US cosmetics lab to launch my own beauty brand with the goal of finding solutions for specific skin concerns not addressed by the mass beauty market. As a full-time college student, it has been difficult to balance everything and run a business, but I was motivated by my vision of redefining luxury beauty. In today’s day and age, it seems that we either need to be a successful “influencer” with a large following, have an extensive scientific background, or a million dollar budget to succeed in the oversaturated beauty industry. Since I lacked all of the above, I often felt imposter syndrome at every step of building my brand. However, this process has taught me so much about myself and I have built so many beautiful friendships with consumers and creatives alike. “Luxury” beauty can be authentic, accessible, and even affordable as skincare should be an investment rather than an expense. I wanted to share my skincare revelations with the world and create an inclusive platform to address specific skin needs.

Since launching my first product in December 2019, I have learned so much while wearing the many hats of a new entrepreneur - from hours designing branding and packaging to building my e-commerce site, exploring product photography and executing various marketing strategies (including filming lots of TikTok videos!). Our first product (REJUVENATE Hydrating Serum) contains my holy grail ingredient (hyaluronic acid) that has helped my mom and I tremendously with our sensitive and dry skin concerns. We will definitely be launching more products in the future with our continual focus on highest quality ingredients at optimum concentrations along with our unique packaging and customer service experiences as an indie beauty brand.

This summer, I brought on some of my talented friends to help me launch our beauty blog (The Glow - where we share our beauty inspo, lifestyle tips, & uplift creative voices in beauty) and grow our various social media platforms. Although our community is currently small, it is definitely growing and I am super thankful for every single one of y’all who have supported me along this journey. My acne-prone, sensitive skin had pretty much cleared up by June this year; however, in July, I began breaking out pretty badly with hormonal acne from all the stress of overworking and burning myself out for weeks. Throughout August, I have been re-evaluating my self care practices and making sure to take breaks when I get overwhelmed. Launching a brand right before a global pandemic amongst various other crises was definitely an experience, but I wouldn’t change a thing - I have learned so much in the past few months. 

This post is long overdue, but I am so excited to finally share this passion project with y’all and the supportive beauty community that continues to inspire and motivate me every day. It would mean the world to me if you could support us by following our Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest (@khohacosmetics), liking our Facebook page (, and checking out our website! ✨ 

tldr: I found my holy grail ingredient and wanted to share it with the world asap so I invested all my time and energy into building a beauty brand but I didn’t realize that the barriers to entry in the oversaturated marketplace were much higher than I anticipated. Instead of waiting until I grew my following or spent years working in the beauty industry, I chose to take a leap of faith by diving in headfirst and living out my dream of launching my own brand - I strive to continue helping others improve their skin health and embrace their natural beauty! ❤

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