Glow Chat: Cindy Claudia (@dewfordays)

Our Glow Chat: #WomanCrushWednesday interview series features inspiring female beauty influencers. Today we are spotlighting Cindy Claudia (@dewfordays), a content creator and designer based in the UK. Read on to learn more about Cindy’s story, her skincare routine, and tips for getting into skincare!

What’s your story & inspiration for creating content?

My background in arts and graphic design definitely play a big part in my content creation process. I started my account with a totally different intention, at first, I only wanted this to be a personal platform to document my beauty collection that started to get out of hand. But as soon as I picked up my camera again after quite a while, I knew right away I wanted it to be more than that. 

I first got into photography during summer before entering university, but it was just as a casual hobby if anything. Few years later as a design student, I feel like now I have found a style and direction I want to pursue further down my career path. It hit different when I dive into photography again—this time with a clearer focus on product photography. Aside from design, beauty Is another big passion of mine, and my account feels like another creative outlet for me to both worlds. I am challenged every single day to create better content—to have a balance between the aesthetic side and a content creator.

How do you choose your skincare products?

I got into makeup first, then skincare so by no means I think I am a skincare expert or scientist. As a regular consumer, I just use products that work for me. I am blessed to leave behind the majority of my skin concern, such as acne, back in high school. At the moment, my skin is at its best and healthiest state and I am happy with it, so I mainly looking for products to enhance and/or maintain what is already there. Features such as glow, plump, and smoothness are what caught my attention the most when it comes to trying out new things. I think skincare is so personal and I always take any reviews I saw—either from my peers or others—with a grain of salt, even from people that I feel have similar skin type as mine. I will know for sure my thoughts on something when I tested it out myself.

However, I do have sensitive skin and I need to be careful not to overdo anything, which is inevitable sometimes as a content creator who needs to constantly try out different things.

What’s your favorite thing about being a content creator?

Since my page started to become a part-time job now, the stress that usually comes from a regular job started to kick in. But I will always remind myself that aside from the joy of creating itself, the community is something I cherish very much. I always try to position myself as a regular consumer who just happens to have to have a platform and everyone I met along the way is a friend with the same passion for beauty. All the friendships I made and support I receive on the daily basis from these people are the most amazing thing ever.

It has not always been a smooth journey, and I’m sure there will be more rocky paths in the future, but I genuinely enjoy this less-than-a-year-old new segment in my life so far.

What does your typical skincare routine look like?

I have normal skin with occasional hormonal breakouts and very dry, chapped lips. I do switch up my products here and there, but in general, my complete PM skincare routine will follow:

Double cleanse (especially if I went out AND wore makeup), toner (mainly just to refresh and prep the skin), eye cream, serum and/or oil*, moisturiser, lip mask/treatment.

*I switch these products out the most depending on what I’m feeling that day or if my skin needs an extra boost on something. 

As I briefly touched on before, skincare is a very personal thing depending on what each person is looking for. I feel like my own routine is very simple and straightforward. I skipped most of those steps in my AM routine and apply tons of SPF. I reapply SPF multiple times throughout the day and I don’t like my skin to feel heavy from piling up a bunch of products.

What advice do you have for people getting into skincare?

Don’t follow the trend, listen to your own skin needs. When I first started using skincare, I used to feel insecure seeing others with that ‘complete 10-steps skincare routine you need to follow’ whilst mine was so basic. Then I went on to purchase a lot of things without researching and knowing what they are for. While luckily I didn’t mess up my skin, they also did nothing because I was not using them the correct way.

For me, makeup is something fun that I always love to play with, while skincare is something I’m much more content with. As long as it gives me what I need, I will keep using it no matter what ‘trend’ comes and goes. Having 3-steps routine is not inferior to people with 10-steps, it’s about what works best for you (aside from SPF, which is non-negotiable!). Skincare is not a trend, it is our own personal act of self-care.

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