HOW TO: Protect Your Skin From the Sun

By Amber Chen

As the weather gets warmer, we may be tempted to go outside and enjoy the sun. However, spending too much time in the sun can actually cause permanent damage such as wrinkles, skin cancer, or age spots. Thus, it's important for everyone to take extra steps to protect yourself.


Cover it Up

Wearing additional clothing can be an effective way to block off the sun's ultraviolet rays (UV). Unlike sunscreen, clothing won't wear off. So invest in a good hat, UV sunglasses, or some thin breathable long sleeves to protect your skin. However, don't forget to apply sunscreen to those places your clothing can't cover, such as your hands!

Stay in the Shade

Although you may want to go outside to enjoy the warm summer weather, staying in direct sunlight can be not only damaging to your body, but also cause heat exhaustion or dehydration. If possible, try to stay in shady areas, especially during 10 AM to 4PM, which are the peak hours of sun intensity. While you are in the shade, it's important to remember that you may still be exposed to UV rays that pass through leaves, branches, or even reflect off water and glass.


This may sound like common sense, but it's important to always apply sunscreen! Before you step outside your door, make sure to put on broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Make sure to put on a thick layer on areas on your skin that may be exposed to the sun. It's important to remember to constantly reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially if you are coming in contact with water.

REJUVENATE Hydrating Serum

Skin Hydration

With the weather getting hotter, your skin is also becoming more susceptible to water loss which causes dehydration and dry skin. To keep your skin well hydrated throughout the hot summer, try out our REJUVENATE Hydrating Serum, formulated with the finest 100% pure Hyalorepair® hyaluronic acid sourced from Japan. Hyaluronic acid works to repair the skin's natural barrier function, preventing the skin from dehydration (water evaporation) and helping the skin retain maximum moisture. Its antioxidant properties also protect and heal the skin from environmental aggressors such as ultraviolet radiation. Read more about this super ingredient here!

*Note: Apply serums and moisturizers prior to SPF for maximum skin protection!

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