HOW TO: Self-Care During Quarantine

By Amber Chen

Trust me, it's normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious as quarantine continues. As our workspace overlaps into our place of relaxation, here are some helpful tips to help your refocus, reflect, and take care of yourself.

Reduce Your Screen Time

Since the world has shifted to heavily revolve around digital screens, it's also important to rest your eyes and take a screen detox. What has helped me the most is adjusting the screen time activity limit on my phone. In the settings on your phone, you are able to set limits for certain apps each day. If you still can't resist being on your phone, just turn it off. You deserve to give your eyes and brain some time off your screen.


You probably have seen a bunch of trending challenges from fitness gurus such as Chloe Ting and Pamela Reif. Well, it's never too late to hop on the trend. Challenge a friend to hop on the challenge with you so you can keep each other accountable. If that sounds like too much to you, start small by incorporating some yoga stretches into your daily routine. Exercise and stretches can help improve your blood circulation and improve your mental and physical health. If possible, go for a jog around your neighborhood — enjoy the fresh air, get your heart pumping, and take in some Vitamin D.

Clean Your Workspace

Although the season for spring clean-out may have passed, quarantine is the perfect time to clean up your workspace and your home. Wipe down and reduce your desk space to only include essential items. As you clean up the physical space around you, don't forget about your digital workspace! Clean up your desktop, reorganize your folders, delete unnecessary files. You deserve a fresh, clean physical and digital space. 

Reconnect with Close-Ones

While we are still in quarantine, the power of this new digital age is the ability to easily connect with others. Take the time to call your old high school friends, family members, and loved ones. If you don't know what to talk about, try some fun and interactive activities. Examples include starting a show together, playing digital games, trivia questions, etc.

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