HOW TO: Stay Balanced During a Busy Workweek

By Vicky Lin

Two more days till the weekend, you're probably thinking to yourself right now as you hop on your third meeting of the day. I know, it's the middle of the week and all you want to do is relax on your couch, sip on some wine and binge watch The Politician on Netflix.

But nope, you still got 2 more Zoom meetings today, 3 deadlines due Thursday, your dog's drop-off vet appointment tomorrow, all before your major client call on Friday morning.

Sigh. You are burnt out.

Well, don't worry! We are here to help. At KHOHA, we want you to feel and look the best you can, even during a busy work week where it feels like time does not stop spinning.

Read on for 5 ways to improve your mental balance and start approaching each work day with a new mindset!


Recently, journaling has become a very common approach for people to find balance in their lives. When we write down our thoughts, good or bad, it helps to relieve stress and allows us to reflect and evaluate our actions. Try allocating 5-10 minutes in the morning or before you go to sleep at night to pick up a pen and a notebook and jot down your thoughts.

If you are journaling in the morning, try a gratitude journal. Start your day on a positive note by writing down everything you're grateful for. If you are journaling at night, try to recollect everything you did during the day, and write down your actions. Think about how it made you feel. Why did you feel that way? Become aware and reflect about your actions from a larger point of view. You may find yourself becoming more calm and at peace.


Meditation allows us to connect with our inner self and focus on our energy flow. To reduce stress and defocus on the busyness of our lives, we need to find a balance between what brings us joy and what brings us pain. Start with 5 minutes of mindful meditation before you begin your day. Focus on self-awareness and focusing on your present, brushing away any bad thoughts that may arise. Through practicing daily repetitions and longer durations, you may begin to find a balance in your busy work week.

Mindful Eating

More often than not, a busy workday results in you rushing to the kitchen, whipping up a frozen meal in 8 minutes and rushing back to your desk to finish eating in 5 minutes. Eating, in this case, becomes a mindless act, performed without acknowledgement. As your body takes 20 minutes to realize fullness, your quick meal may upset your stomach or you become quick to hunger, result in digestion issues or binge eating. If this happens to you, then you should try mindful eating, an act where you are consciously aware and devoting full attention to what you're eating and how you're eating.

Try taking a 20-30 minute distraction-free lunch break and practice mindful eating. Put away your digital devices, sit properly, and engage your senses by eating slowly and chew every bite fully. You may realize that with increased awareness of food and consumption, you are feeling more full and satisfied with your meal.


Simple, yet difficult to do. As we become consumed with our work, deadlines and endless meetings, we often forget to do the simplest action to recenter our balance — breathe. When you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, take 3 slow and deep breathes. Breathe in, breath out — purposefully focus on the airflow and you'll be amazed at the results of a few conscious breaths.

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Skincare Routine

After a long, tiring day of work, you may be tempted to fall straight into your bed and doze off. However, never forget to take care of your skin and wash off the accumulated layers of dirt and oils. When your skin is balanced, you will feel balanced.

Start by developing a set of skincare routine for the morning and night, and follow it every day for a week. You may find yourself approaching a balanced lifestyle through creating the first steps of a morning/night routine.

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