Super Ingredient: Glycerin

By Vicky Lin

Glycerin — yet another daunting, scientific word that we often see on our skin care products but never really pay attention to. But this ingredient is one of the hardest workers of them all, working day and night to rejuvenate and restore your youthful essence.

Naturally occurring in our body, glycerin helps to retain moisture in our skin and serves as a cooling agent on a hot sunny day. Whether you have been sunbathing in your backyard too much or starting to feel the crackling lizard-like skin caused by dry climate, glycerin is your new holy grail for hydration.

Let's explore some of its wondrous properties!


Glycerin has a magical property called humectant, meaning it can draw moisture from our surroundings and retain that moisture in our skin. Just like a sponge, glycerin pulls and retains water into the skin, resulting in soft, supple and smooth skin. Say goodbye to dry and crackling skin!


You may already know hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid as the hydrating superstars. But glycerin is JUST as powerful, acting as your skin's natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that helps to ensure adequate hydration. With age and long-term exposure to environmental aggressors, our skin's NMF naturally decays and our skin becomes dry and unhealthy. Glycerin, the moisture magnet, saves the day by replenishing our skin's NMF, ensuring hydration and maintaining skin elasticity! There's really no better ingredient to help your skin find its balance.


Not only does glycerin increase, retain and balance moisture, but it also strengthens your skin barrier to make sure no moisture leaves your dewy skin. Working beneath your skin's surface, glycerin transport aquaporins, proteins that facilitate transport of water between cells, to help balance hydration and strengthen your skin's moisture barrier.

So, now that you've officially decided to make glycerin your skin's new best friend, what are you waiting for? Start looking for glycerin in your next skin care product! We recommend trying KHOHA's REJUVENATE Hydrating Serum that consists of the finest particle, highest quality, 100% pure hyaluronic acid sourced from Japan that instantly refreshes and hydrates your skin. Produced with Hyalorepair®, a type of hyaluronic acid specific for cosmetic use, KHOHA's hydrating, glycerin-filled serum repairs rough skin, reduces wrinkles, and preserves skin moisture, achieving maximum anti-aging effects. Get ready to feel and look your best!

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