• Dear Glow Diary: Summer 2020

    Hello! This new "Dear Glow Diary" blog series will be a place where I share my skincare and entrepreneurship journey updates with y'all - all the many trials and tribulations, along with the many highlights and glow ✨ that I have experienced since starting KHOHA 💙 - Kelly

  • HOW TO: Shop Sustainably (Beauty Edition)

    By Vicky Lin

    When we talk about leading a sustainable lifestyle, our minds automatically jump to glass straws, reusable cups, and composting food. However, we often forget to consider the one major consumption we all make — personal and beauty products.

    Read on to see which sustainable brands could be your next personal favorite!

  • HOW TO: Stay Cool on A Hot Summer Day

    By Vicky Lin

    It's officially the middle of summer and you're starting to feel the heat getting to you. Whether you're on the East or the West Coast, the summer heat never seem to leave and you're desperate to cool off.

    So what can you do? How can you stay ahead and beat the heat wave?

  • HOW TO: Protect Your Skin From the Sun

    By Amber Chen

    As the weather gets warmer, we may be tempted to go outside and enjoy the sun. However, spending too much time in the sun can actually cause permanent damage such as wrinkles, skin cancer, or age spots. Thus, it's important for everyone to take extra steps to protect yourself.

  • HOW TO: Stay Balanced During a Busy Workweek

    By Vicky Lin

    Two more days till the weekend, you're probably thinking to yourself right now as you hop on your third meeting of the day.

    Sigh. You are burnt out.

    Well, don't worry! We are here to help. At KHOHA, we want you to feel and look the best you can, even during a busy work week where it feels like time does not stop spinning.

    Read on for 5 ways to improve your mental balance and start approaching each work day with a new mindset!

  • HOW TO: Self-Care During Quarantine

    By Amber Chen

    Trust me, it's normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious as quarantine continues. As our workspace overlaps into our place of relaxation, here are some helpful tips to help your refocus, reflect, and take care of yourself.

  • Feel THE GLOW With These Black-Owned Beauty Products

    By Vicky Lin

    Now, more than ever, is the time to recognize and support the black community in sustainable ways — whether it be ordering weekly dinners from your local black-owned restaurants or buying household goods from black-owned convenient stores. We can't just stop at a one-time donation or a two-time social media post. We should be actively incorporating the black community into our lives and into our communities.

    For us skincare junkies, one simple method to sustainably celebrate black culture is to buy and adopt black-owned beauty products into our skincare routine! More often than not, these products are cruelty-free, vegan, and suitable for ALL skin types!

  • Black Beauty Gurus You Should Already Be Following

    By Vicky Lin

    The recent awakening to systemic racism has encouraged world-wide support for the Black community. From donations to protests to daily reposts on social media, everyone has come together to enact change and strive for equality.

    While we still lack colored representatives in creative and executive positions, social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube have launched Black beauty influencers into the stratosphere and become activists reforming the beauty industry.

  • Father's Day: Treat Your Superhero Dad

    By Amber Chen

    Whether he's out saving the world or staying up late at night to help with your homework, we somehow never find the time to say all our "thank you's" to our superhero dads.

    They're often too busy working and tend to forget to focus on themselves. As Father's Day is just around the corner, we have the perfect gift idea for your father: an at home spa.

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    Introducing THE GLOW!